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Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) Before and After Pictures

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Patient 1 - Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) Before and After in Greensboro, NC
This patient has a nice angular face with some early loose skin, jowl formation, and some peri-oral lines. She underwent a small "mini" face lift with some injections of fillers in the peri-oral area and a mild chemical peel. She now looks and feels younger and more refreshed and her face and skin show it!

Patient Age: 41

Details: Note the reduction in her jowls and the improvement in her peri-oral area! The chemical peel has renewed her skin especially under her eyes. She is seen here after her complimentary make-over with our new Glo Mineral Make-up. A more defined jaw line, a slight lift in her mid face and cheek area, improvement in her skin quality, and reduction in the pero-oral lines!
Patient 2 - Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) Before and After in Greensboro, NC
This patient desired full facial rejuvenation. Take a look at her early results 1 month after surgery! Procedures performed: Lower Face Lift, Submental (Neck) Liposuction and Plication, Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift, Fat Transfer to lower eyelid areas, chemical peel lower eyelid areas, peri-oral dermabrasion. Wow!, what a difference, and she is very happy!

Patient Age: 67
Patient 3 Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) Before in Greensboro, NC Patient 3 -Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) After in Greensboro, NC
Patient 4 Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) Before in Greensboro, NC Patient 4 -Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy) After in Greensboro, NC

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