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Minimize Recovery Time After Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery in Greensboro, NCTo minimize post surgery recovery time, the patient should first of all be adequately informed about their procedure, the risks, and the usual recovery time.  We try to make every effort to educate patients about what they can realistically expect.  Proper pre-operative planning with a review of medications, supplements, and expectations is a routine step in our process at Coley Cosmetic.  Following and adhering to our post-procedure instructions will help you recover safely and quickly.

During your consultation and pre-operative appointments, your procedure and recovery will be explained to you in detail.  In addition, you will receive documents which answer common questions about caring for your incision(s), activities, return to work, etc.  Furthermore, Dr. Coley prefers to see patients frequently after their procedures, to ensure that patients get the best care to achieve the best results.  Depending on the procedure, Dr. Coley may recommend a certain supplement or skin care product of scar gel to assist your body in healing.